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Meet our team

Music industry experts at your service.


Artistic director, beatmaker & arranger

artistic director paris


Hedayat, great composer and arranger, works with you to help you create a custom instrumental. His artistic and multicultural sensitivity allows him to explore several musical genres (Pop-rock, Electro-Dance, Rnb, Rap, HipHop, Zouk, World Music), as well as to work with artists from all horizons. Read more...


Sound engineers

Sound engineer


His favorite genres are Rock, Funk and Blues, but he is also very comfortable with the urban music scene. He has also been part of several bands. Now Arthur is in charge of the voice recordings and the mixing sessions. Lire la suite...

casper hedayat music studios


Always looking for new tracks to listen to, curiosity is Casper's key word and daily motivation. It’s what pushed him to discover the backstages of crating a track and to start CAM as a self-taught artist. Later, he naturally became interested in the sound engineer profession.  Lire la suite...

sound engineer paris


Hugo is an applied and passionate sound engineer, but that's not all! He plays the piano, the ukulele, a little bit of guitar, and he is also an independent artist who creates, writes, sings, produces and mixes his own tracks under his stage name "Aychess". Lire la suite...

sound engineer


Clément started his musical career with the solfege training he followed for 7 years from the age of 11, followed by 6 years of alto saxophone lessons, and a few years in the orchestra of his town in the Puys de Dôme, which he considers very formative. Lire la suite...

sound engineer recording studio paris


While studying at Abbey Road Institute Paris, Jean began his career as a sound engineer by working in a small recording studio in Montreuil. At Abbey Road Institute, he completed a two-year course in music production and sound engineering, and ultimately graduated and joined the Twin Studios team. Lire la suite...


Coaches & lyricists

Laure Milan

Laure Milan

Playing with words, their meaning and their sonority is a real passion for this artist. Today, Laure puts her experience at the service of emerging artists. From vocal coaching to writing song lyrics, she really enjoys participating in the creation of musical projects. Lire la suite...

singing teacher Hedayat Music

Sheliyah Masry

Sheliyah is very used to performing. In all, she did more than 1500 concerts around the world and took part in numerous collaborations, such as directing a choir, singing backing vocals for Emmanuel Moire & Inna Modja, recording backing vocals for Diam's, and for musicals. Lire la suite...

otta vocal coach


Otta is a singer-songwriter from Cannes, France. Passionate about music and specifically singing, Otta learns how to play several instruments at a very young age but it's through singing that he marks his difference with his atypical, hoarse voice and his powerful rises in pitch. Lire la suite...

Marc Nelson

Marc Nelson

Marc is one of Boyz II Men's founders, the best RnB group of all time, as well as being a lyricist for some of the world's greatest artists. He's the perfect vocal coach for your English-language projects. Lire la suite...



Drummer Hedayat Music



Until now, during his long career, Gregory has had the opportunity to work with a number of notorious artists such as Amel Bent, Salif Keita, Matt Houston, Miss Dominique, Ayo, Zouk Machine, Franky Vincent, Slai, Oumou Sangare, Andy Narell, or Joby Smith. Lire la suite...

Guitarist Hedayat Music



Stéphane started playing guitar at 15, after which it quickly became his job. This was followed by many performances in clubs, with several cover and original bands. A few years later, he became Rachid Taha's main guitarist, and toured together for 5 years all over the world. Lire la suite...


Photographer, music video producers et graphic designers

music video producer - Hedayat Music


Music video producer

Since 2010, Patrice has been specializing in 3D production. His team members are all Sony ICE (certified independent experts) in 3D, who also provide training in this field. As the only ones to master the Sony Box technology in France, they have been able to carry out more than twenty 3D shoots in only two years. Lire la suite...

Photographer - Hedayat Music



In 2010, the photographer reveals in Beijing model Mario Galla's disability, until then hidden by the fashion industry. Back in France, the images are rewarded by the Wall For Award and the Talent Grant (Focus on). In 2012, the art work "Hades" is revealed at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Lire la suite...

Graphic designer - Hedayat Music


Graphic designer

Sensitive to everything that surrounds her since she was little: colors, light, patterns... Melanie felt very early in life that she needed to create beautiful images and understood how much they can provoke emotion, challenge people and convey messages. So it's quite naturally that she joined an applied art school in 2009, then became a graphic designer and illustrator (digital and handmade illustrations). Lire la suite...

video director - Hedayat Music



After years of study at a film school in Paris (ESRA) and a stay in New York where she took courses in American cinema, Manon directed her first short film which landed at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival. Many experiences followed, each more enriching than the last: she shot a commercial, filmed her trip around China, and directed a second and then a third short film, which was also sent to Cannes. Lire la suite...

video director



As a teenager, the first web-series on YouTube as well as the cinema motivated Simon to start working with video. After a BTS in audiovisual (specializing in editing) in Reims, he left to conquer Paris for a year of training at the EMC (Malakoff). It is there that he obtained a diploma of camera operator. Thanks to his great love for music and as his experiences behind the camera grew, Simon developed a special passion for making videos revolving around the world of music.  Lire la suite...

videographers hedayat music

Bérénice & Débora


The BLDT studio is composed of two sisters: Bérénice and Débora. And they have dreamed since they were little of making music videos for artists. Although they began their studies with a degree from a prestigious school, they gradually got closer to the audiovisual world and discovered this specialty as autodidacts. It is a little later, with each one of them having experience in the world of video on complementary functions, that they decide to launch themselves and work together. Lire la suite...



webmaster Hedayat Music



For three years, Thomas worked as an art director for the Lagardère and Néalite groups and at the Clark agency. There, he brought his expertise in computer graphics and web-design. He then did the same for several agencies, for more than 10 years. Lire la suite...

artist marketing expert


Marketing strategy expert

Passionate about the creative industries and the new uses of digital technology, Christian decided to get involved in the radical changes taking place in the music industry, first at Warner Music and then at Sony Music. Lire la suite...

artist promotion officier

Hervé Cocto

Promotion officer

Hervé started working as a presenter for RML/Fun Radio in 1982. He is also in charge of production, in addition to his job as a presenter for MAXXIMUM (RTL group), NRJ, RFI, Radio FG, CONTACT, Fun Radio, RTL, etc., for over 10 years. In the record company, he becomes responsible for Clubs at BMG, then takes the direction of the promotion at DO IT Music / Warner and finally at EDEL MUSIC FRANCE. Lire la suite...


Voix off




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The office

alienor sander


communication manager

Her law degree from Assas in hand, Alienor decided in 2014 to go into Communications at the French Press Institute. Her experiences at Les Petits Frenchies, Faguo and Génération Kfé allowed her to develop her skills and her passion for the sector. She then graduated from a Master 2 in Culture and Communication, specializing in Musical Industries and Practices, at Paris 8. Lire la suite...

Juliette Flour


Marketing manager

After many professional experiences such as communication assistant in events at SociĂ©tĂ© GĂ©nĂ©rale, or production assistant for 2 years at Be My Production (musicals, theater), Juliette graduated from a Master in communication and marketing speciality international ISEG marketing & communication.  Lire la suite...



Hedayat, grand compositeur et arrangeur, travaille à vos côtés pour vous aider à créer une instrumentale sur mesure. Lire la suite



Nos paroliers et coachs expérimentés vous accompagnent avec bienveillance, pendant l'écriture de vos paroles et votre enregistrement. Lire la suite

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Nos ingénieurs du son professionnels vous conseillent tout au long de la séance, afin de faire sortir le meilleur de votre voix. Lire la suite



Nos musiciens mettent leur savoir-faire au service de votre musique. Ils sont là pour sublimer vos chansons grâce à leurs instruments. Lire la suite



Notre équipe en charge des images, triée sur le volet, capture votre expérience dans notre studio, avec un matériel de qualité professionnelle. Lire la suite



Nos community managers et experts en communication sont là pour vous épauler dans votre processus de promotion sur les réseaux sociaux. Lire la suite

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Notre partenariat avec Music Media Consulting vous permet de présenter votre musique aux responsables des plus grandes radios françaises Lire la suite



Notre équipe de communication et marketing répond à toutes vos questions au téléphone, du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 19h. Lire la suite