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From 100€/hr


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1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) You can record a voice-over for a commercial, a documentary, a promotional video, a podcast or any other type of material yourself, with the help of of a sound engineer

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Or call on our professional voice-overs Robin, Melissa and Alexandra to record your texts. All you need to do is give them the script you want to record and your instructions, and we'll take care of the rest!



On quotation

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Need music to illustrate videos, pictures or films? Our composer/arranger will spend half a day with you in the studio to create your custom instrumental.

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Need sound effects to complement a logo, sounds or sound effects to make a video more compelling? Our team of musicians, composers, and sound engineers will help you find the perfect sound effects to match your images.





We listen to your questions!

  • I am interested in your sound design services : how to proceed?

    From jingles to commercials, as well as video sound effects and logo animations, sound design covers so many possibilities! That's why you need to explain your project and your needs to us first, so that we can explain what we can do for you, and for what cost.

    Contact us to discuss your project:

    📞 +331 84 20 01 43

    ✉️ contact@hedayatmusic.com 

    Instagram_icon.png @hedayatmusic

  • Can I record a voice-over even if I've never recorded in a studio?

    Of course! The studio is open to everyone, so if you feel you can record your text, go for it! The thing to keep in mind is that voice-over is a profession that requires rigor, precision and voice control. Diction, intonation, breathing... all these things need to be worked on before getting behind the microphone. Sometimes it's better to leave the recording of a voice over to professionals, as they're very efficient at recording and their chameleon voices are capable of great things.

    Listen to the demos of the voiceover artists we work with, and then decide whether you'd rather go to a pro or do it yourself!

    Découvre nos voix off

  • Am I assisted by a sound engineer during the recording of my podcast or my voice-over?

    Yes, and not just any sound engineer! 

    All our sound engineers are handpicked and trained to advise and guide the people who record, all in a considerate way. Because even if the main purpose is to achieve the best quality recording possible, it's also important to work in good conditions and with real professionals 😉

  • Do I need to record my podcast in a professional studio?

    No, not necessarily! But in that case you need to have good equipment at home, to record in an acoustically treated room (to avoid echoes for example), and master the recording software.

    What you have to understand is that, to record a qualitative podcast, you can't leave anything to chance. It would be a pity to lose credibility because you were too close to the microphone or because of unpleasant crackling sounds for example... The best thing to do is to record in a microphone specially designed for this purpose, in an acoustically isolated room, and to work with a professional sound engineer who will be able to advise you and record you correctly. You will have to remove all the "hums", the "er's", the unavoidable mouth noises, in addition to treating your voice to make it as pleasant as possible to listen to. It's a lot of work, but if you know how to do it, there's no stopping you!


  • How to create a memorable and impactful jingle?

    That's the whole challenge behind creating a jingle...

    Before designing a jingle, you have to ask yourself the right questions: how do I want the listener to feel when they hear my jingle? How long should it last? Should it be something simple or elaborate? What sound(s) would work best with what your company sells? It is absolutely essential to ask yourself these types of questions in order to identify the right type of jingle. The best is to talk about it with a specialist, who will be able to guide you, advise you and help you make the right choices.

  • What microphones are used in the studio for podcasts and voice-overs?

    Our podcast mics are Shure SM7Bs, which can be set up around a table in Studio A. If you're recording alone, you can also do it sitting on the couch in the same studio... Or standing in the vocal booth of studio A with the Brauner VM1 microphone! That's the one we use most often to record voice-overs by the way.


Alexandra (DÉMOS VOIX OFF)

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"Belle du seigneur" audio book

Alexandra (DÉMOS VOIX OFF)

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