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Support for independent artists



    We can help you: 

    Arrière-plan Create your instrumentals: a few hours in the studio with our beatmaker/arranger and you've got your own custom-made instrumental!


    Arrière-plan Write your lyrics: explain what you want to say to the lyricist and he will turn your ideas into a beautifully written text (in English, French or Italian)


    Arrière-plan Record your songs: our team (sound engineers, vocal coaches) and our two studios are ready to welcome you and help you get the best recording possible


    Arrière-plan Finaliser tes morceaux : editing, mixage, mastering, on se charge de tout pour que tes morceaux sonnent parfaitement et soient commercialisés. 



    We can help you: 

    Arrière-plan Create your logo: you will need it for your album cover, your social media and your website, if you have one

    Arrière-plan Take professional photos, which is essential to project a professional image and be taken seriously in the music industry

    Arrière-plan Make your own music videos: in France or abroad, with or without extras, in color or in black and white... it's up to you!



    We can help you:  

    Arrière-plan Communicate on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube...)

    Arrière-plan Improve your internet referencing

    Arrière-plan Write your biography (for your website, your press kit, your networks...)

    Arrière-plan Advertise so that your music is heard by as many people as possible!



    Have your songs played: 

    Arrière-plan  On streaming platforms thanks to our partnership with the distributor iMusician

    Give us a call

    Arrière-plan  On radio and TV with our partner Music Media Consulting




We answer your questions!

  • I'd like to shoot a music video, how do I proceed?

    Start by making an appointment with Hedayat, our artistic director (at the studio or remotely). Have him listen to the song you want to clip, explain what you imagine and tell him your budget. He will then show you what the video directors we work with have done for other artists, and will put you in touch with the one that suits you best!

    After having taken note of your project, the director in question will give you a personalized quote, then it's up to you to see if you want to go ahead with him or not 😊


  • How much does it cost to ask Hedayat Music to work on my image?

    Each project is unique with its own needs and timeline, so the budget required will inevitably vary. The best thing to do is to call us at +33 (0)1 84 20 01 43 to tell us about your project and what you need to develop it! We'll then explain what we can do for you, and then we'll redirect you to the right expert to give you a personalized quote himself 😉

    Give us a call

  • Who are the experts that Hedayat Music works with?

    All the professionals we work with are qualified experts who we trust 100%, and with whom it is a pleasure to work. It's very important to us! 

    You can find an introduction to our team members right here:


  • Can I put my songs on streaming platforms myself?

    To publish your tracks on Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer or Spotify, you have to go through a distributor, you can't do it yourself via the streaming platform. There's no way around it, that's how it works!

    The good news is that we have a partnership with the independent digital distributor iMusician, which allows you to get 10% discount on the first pack you buy to release your music. And thanks to them, you can upload your music on more than a hundred streaming platforms! To take advantage of it, just use the code IMD-HEDAYAT when you register on the platform:

    Register with Imusician

  • What's the point of having professionals work on my social media?

    It's true that these days, it may seem "easy" for some to take charge of their own communication. And for some, actually, they are very capable of it! 

    What you have to take into account, however, is that it's difficult for a single person to think about everything and to master everything: the communication strategy, the referencing, the way to address one's community, the contents to share,... The benefit of being advised by professionals is that they have the necessary hindsight and expertise to guide you and give you the means to gain visibility. And personalized advice is always good to take 😉



📞 +331 84 20 01 43

✉️ contact@hedayatmusic.com 

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