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Find the answers to your questions!


Custom instrumentals


  • How does a studio session to create a custom instrumental go?

    The custom composition sessions (just like the first meeting with Hedayat), can be done in the studio or remotely. It's up to you! 

    On the day of the session, come with references of known songs to help our beatmaker/arranger Hedayat identify your influences and the music style you want for your new song. He can also create your instrumental from a melody you have in mind, lyrics you already wrote, an emotion you want to share... or from nothing at all! In any case, you will see your 100% personalized song take shape before your eyes during the session ;)

  • Where can we listen to demos?

    Want to hear some of the tracks Hedayat created for other artists before you make an appointment with him? We totally understand!

    Right this way👇



  • What equipment is used to create the instrumentals?

    To create custom instrumentals, Hedayat uses Cubase Pro 12 (sequencer/DAW) in our studio A.

    He creates them by computer and with the various VST instruments (virtual instruments) and plugins. That's what we call Computer Aided Music (CAM)!

  • Can we add real instruments on the instrumental?

    Of course! If you want musicians (guitarist, bassist, violinist, etc.) to play on your instrumental, we know some excellent ones who can record their instruments just for you, in our studio or remotely. 

    They'll complete the instrumental base already created via CAM (Computer Assisted Music) for an instrumental half made on computer and half with real instruments. Your instrumental, your move 😉

    And of course, you can record your instrument yourself if you want.


 Lyric writing

  • In which languages can you write lyrics?

    We work with French, American and Italian lyricists so we can write lyrics in French, English or Italian 😉


  • How does the lyric writing process work?

    Once you chose to have us write your song lyrics, we'll put you in touch with the lyricist to start working on your lyrics, remotely. 

    And of course, the lyricist isn't paid until the lyrics are finished and you're happy with the result!


  • How to choose the right lyricist?

    First, meet with Hedayat, our artistic director. Tell him what you want for your project, what kind of lyrics you're looking for and in which language, and he will direct you to the lyricist who seems to be the most suited for your project!

    And if you already wrote lyrics and would like a professional opinion before requesting this service, Hedayat can show your text to one of our experts who will tell you what he/she thinks about it.


  • How long does it take to write the lyrics of a song?

    Most of the time, it takes a week between the beginning of the writing and the finished text. But obviously everything depends on the urgency of the request and the availability of the lyricist you call upon 😉



  • How does a recording session go?

    Once you arrive at our location (Paris 11ème), the sound engineer in charge of your session will welcome you. After introducing himself, he'll offer you a coffee, tea, some water... and you'll head to the studio!

    All you have to do is give him the instrumentals (in .mp3 or .wav format) of the tracks you want to sing and you're ready to go! From the control room, he'll advise and help you throughout the session. His goal is to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that the finished recording is as high quality as possible. You're in good hands 😉

  • Can I come even if I have never recorded in a studio?

    Of course, with pleasure 😊!

    Our studios are open to everyone, no matter your age or how you sing. Our sound engineers are actually trained to adapt to the person recording. They are there to make you feel comfortable, explain how to stand behind the mic, advise you throughout the recording process and help you get the best possible result at the end of the session. All this in a friendly and good atmosphere! Singing in a studio is above all a great experience that you should enjoy.

  • Can I record songs from afar?

    Unfortunately, no. You need to physically be in one of our recording studios to record! Guess you don't have any other choice than to come to the most beautiful city in the world, what a shame right? 

  • What software are the studios equipped with?

    Between Protools 12, Cubase Pro 12, Melodyne, the Waves Audio suite, UAD ultimate, and many other softwares, everything is implemented to facilitate the various stages of sound processing in our studios. Not to mention more than a hundred plug-ins (effects to put on instruments/voice) and a hundred vst instruments (virtual musical instruments)!

    We provide the best software to get the best result.

  • Is it possible to book a session on a Sunday or a holiday?

    The answer is yes! The rates are right here:

    👉 1h in studio B goes from 69€ to 81,5€
    👉 1h in studio A goes from 80€ to 92,5€
    👉 4h in studio B goes from 200€ to 250€
    👉 4h in studio A goes from 250€ to 300€

    And don't forget that if it's your first session in our studios, you get a 50€ discount on your first 4-hour session! And if you're under 27, this discount is applied to ALL your 4-hour sessions.

  • What does it mean to use a vocal coach and/or a videographer during your session?

    Being coached by a professional during your recording session means being helped by a vocal expert to warm up your voice, place it during the recording, work on your breathing, your intonations and your pronunciation, as well as imagining and recording harmonies. All this to make your song sound as good as possible and to give the best of yourself behind the mic!

    Using a videographer in our studios means that a cameraman will come and film you at the end of your recording session. He does several takes of you singing your song behind the mic, with 2 or 3 different angles. Then, a few days later, you receive the edited version of your video! You can keep it as a souvenir for life and even share it on your social media 😊

    If you're interested, check out Eva and Tess' video to get a feel of the final video:




  • How does a mixing session go?

    After we validated your song's separate tracks's quality that you will have sent us, we will head to the studio for the mixing! You can attend the session by coming to the studio, follow it remotely from your home or not participate at all: it's your call 😉

    Each mix is done by one of our experienced sound engineers and is blocked on a 4 hours slot, with the possibility afterwards to ask for a free retouch (remotely and within a one hour limit).

  • Do I need to have all my tracks mixed and mastered?

    It depends on your project! 

    Mixing and mastering are two steps that are definitely necessary if you want to market your track(s), because without them, your tracks won't have the necessary quality to be played on radio or streaming platforms. 

    If on the other hand the tracks you recorded are for your personal use only, mixing is rarely advised, a simple pre-mix performed at the end of your recording session is enough!

  • What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

    To put it very simply: 

    Arrière-plan mixing is the individual processing of each track of the song to make the finished song harmonious and well balanced,

    Arrière-plan and mastering is the processing of a single file (corresponding to the result obtained after mixing) to obtain an impeccable sound quality and to meet the radio stations and streaming platforms's standards. 

    Both steps are essential AND complementary if you want to market your tracks. Quality first!

  • Is editing and Auto-Tune the same thing?

    No 😉 They both make a voice sound more "tuned", but Auto-Tune is an automatic adjustment that doesn't allow as much precision on the voice's correction as editing.

    It is Auto-Tune that, unlike editing, makes the voice sound robotic when the effect is pushed. This is not at all the same with editing, even if you force it! So it depends on the result you are looking for.

  • Do I need to be on site for editing, mixing or mastering?

    Since the mixing is a "creative" step in your song's creation, because a sound engineer will inevitably bring his "touch" to the process (the same song can be mixed differently and therefore sound different), you can attend and participate in the session. On the spot or remotely (by video)! 

    For editing and mastering, no need to be there. These steps do not require anyone else than the sound engineer in charge of your track, because he does not bring his artistic vision to the track in question.


Visual identity

  • Who are the experts that Hedayat Music works with?

    All the professionals we work with are qualified experts who we trust 100%, and with whom it is a pleasure to work. It's very important to us! 

    You can find an introduction to our team members right here:


  • I'd like to shoot a music video, how do I do it?

    Start by making an appointment with Hedayat, our artistic director (at the studio or remotely). Have him listen to the song you want to clip, explain what you imagine and tell him your budget. He will then show you what the video directors we work with have done for other artists, and will put you in touch with the one that suits you best!

    After having taken note of your project, the director in question will give you a personalized quote, then it's up to you to see if you want to go ahead with him or not 😊



  • How much does it cost to ask Hedayat Music to work on my image?

    Each project is unique with its own needs and timeline, so the budget required will inevitably vary. The best thing to do is to call us at +33 (0)1 84 20 01 43 to tell us about your project and what you need to develop it! We'll then explain what we can do for you, and then we'll redirect you to the right expert to give you a personalized quote himself 😉

    Give us a call



  • How much does it cost to ask Hedayat Music to work on my communication?

    Each project is unique with its own needs and timelines, so the budget required will inevitably vary. Especially since there are many different ways to help you develop your communication!

    The best thing to do is to call us at +33 (0)1 84 20 01 43 to tell us about your project and what you need to develop it. On our end, we'll explain what we can do for you, then we'll redirect you to the right expert so that he can give you a personalized quote himself 😉

  • Who are the experts Hedayat Music work with?

    All the professionals we work with are qualified experts who we trust 100%, and with whom it is a pleasure to work. That matters! 

    You can find the our team members' presentation right here :


  • Can I get free advice to develop my communication?

    Good thing you asked 😄 ! We have a blog where we publish weekly posts in which we give lots of advice on several different topics, including digital communication.

    Right this way:

    Check out our blog

  • What's the point of having professionals work on my social media?

    It is true that these days, it may seem "easy" for some to take charge of their own communication. And for some, actually, they are very capable of it! 

    What you have to take into account, however, is that it's difficult for a single person to think about everything and to master everything: the communication strategy, the referencing, the way to address one's community, the contents to share,... The benefit of being advised by professionals is that they have the necessary hindsight and expertise to guide you and give you the means to gain visibility. And personalized advice is always good to take 😉

  • Can I call on Hedayat Music only for one service (e.g.: audit, biography, storytelling, personalized advice, retroplanning...)?

    Yes, of course! All our services are à la carte, which means that you can call on us for one service, or 2, or 5, or for everything, it's up to you. 

    Once you explained your project, your challenges and your needs, we will suggest a personalized action plan and redirect you to one or more of our services, but after that it is obviously up to you to tell us what you choose to do. You remain in command of your project, you will always have the final word!



  • Can I put my tracks on streaming platforms myself?

    To publish your tracks on Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer or Spotify, you have to go through a distributor, you can't do it yourself via the streaming platform. No way to do it differently, that's how it works!

  • Who are the experts that Hedayat Music works with?

    All the professionals we work with are qualified experts who we trust 100%, and with whom it is nice to work. 

    You can find our team members' presentation right here:

    Découvre notre équipe

  • Why should I go through Hedayat Music to distribute my tracks on streaming platforms?

    The answer is simple: we have a partnership with the independent digital distributor iMusician, which allows you to get a 10% discount on the first pack you buy to publish your music.

    Thanks to them, you can release your songs on more than a hundred streaming platforms! To benefit from it, you just have to use the code IMD-HEDAYAT by registering on the platform:

    Inscris-toi sur Imusician

  • What does it take to get on the radio?

    For your music to play on the radio, you must:

    Arrière-plan  Have at least one finished song, recorded in a professional studio, mixed, mastered, with a voice that sounds perfectly in tune. Choose your project's  main track, the one that will appeal to the greatest number of people, so that it will most likely become successful.

    Arrière-plan Respect the radio format (avoid obscene language, limit the duration)

    Arrière-plan Prepare your press kit: when you send your music by e-mail, you have to introduce yourself, talk about your song, attach professional photos of yourself...

    Once all these criteria are met, we'll send your project to Music Media Consulting who will validate it or not, depending on the market demand at that time. Indeed, it also depends on what the radios are looking for in terms of new material!


Voice-over, podcast and sound design

  • I am interested in your sound design services : how to proceed?

    From jingles to commercials, as well as video sound effects and logo animations, sound design covers so many possibilities! That's why you need to explain your project and your needs to us first, so that we can explain what we can do for you, and for what cost.

    Contact us to discuss your project:

    📞 +331 84 20 01 43

    ✉️ contact@hedayatmusic.com 

    Instagram_icon.png @hedayatmusic

  • Can I record a voice-over even if I've never recorded in a studio?

    Of course! The studio is open to everyone, so if you feel you can record your text, go for it! The thing to keep in mind is that voice-over is a profession that requires rigor, precision and voice control. Diction, intonation, breathing... all these things need to be worked on before getting behind the microphone. Sometimes it's better to leave the recording of a voice over to professionals, as they're very efficient at recording and their chameleon voices are capable of great things.

    Listen to the demos of the voiceover artists we work with, and then decide whether you'd rather go to a pro or do it yourself!


  • Am I assisted by a sound engineer during the recording of my podcast or my voice-over?

    Yes, and not just any sound engineer! 

    All our sound engineers are handpicked and trained to advise and guide the people who record, all in a considerate way. Because even if the main purpose is to achieve the best quality recording possible, it's also important to work in good conditions and with real professionals 😉

  • Do I need to record my podcast in a professional studio?

    No, not necessarily! But in that case you need to have good equipment at home, to record in an acoustically treated room (to avoid echoes for example), and master the recording software.

    What you have to understand is that, to record a qualitative podcast, you can't leave anything to chance. It would be a pity to lose credibility because you were too close to the microphone or because of unpleasant crackling sounds for example... The best thing to do is to record in a microphone specially designed for this purpose, in an acoustically isolated room, and to work with a professional sound engineer who will be able to advise you and record you correctly. You will have to remove all the "hums", the "er's", the unavoidable mouth noises, in addition to treating your voice to make it as pleasant as possible to listen to. It's a lot of work, but if you know how to do it, there's no stopping you!

  • How to create a memorable and impactful jingle?

    That's the whole challenge behind creating a jingle...

    Before designing a jingle, you have to ask yourself the right questions: how do I want the listener to feel when they hear my jingle? How long should it last? Should it be something simple or elaborate? What sound(s) would work best with what your company sells? It is absolutely essential to ask yourself these types of questions in order to identify the right type of jingle. The best is to talk about it with a specialist, who will be able to guide you, advise you and help you make the right choices.

  • What microphones are used in the studio for podcasts and voice-overs?

    Our podcast mics are Shure SM7Bs, which can be set up around a table in Studio A. If you're recording alone, you can also do it sitting on the couch in the same studio... Or standing in the vocal booth of studio A with the Brauner VM1 microphone! That's the one we use most often to record voice-overs by the way.


Team building

  • What activities can we do for a team building in your studios?

    We propose different options:

    Arrière-plan  The simplest one is to record a song that already exists: Celine Dion, Sia, Michael Jackson... it's up to you! Practice as a group, then record the chorus all together and finally go one by one behind the microphone.

    Arrière-plan  You can also come and rewrite the lyrics of a well-known song, with a lyricist, to make it your own. And then, of course, record it, as a group and one by one!

    Arrière-plan The most advanced option is to create a song from A to Z, from the instrumental to the recording of the vocals including inventing the melody and the lyrics... with a fun singing lesson to top it off 😉

    And to these different packages you can add several options! You can be filmed, call upon a voice coach or even enjoy glasses of champagne and delicacies (depending on your wishes).

  • How long does a team building in your studios last?

    It all depends on the package the organizer chooses! It doesn't take the same time to record a simple cover as to create a song from scratch 😉

    It can also depend on the number of people participating, so the best way to find out is to contact us directly:

    Give us a call

  • How much does a team building in your studios cost?

    It depends on the team building you want to organize 😊

    The simplest way is to contact us to explain your team's expectations and needs, so that we can then enlighten you on the different possibilities and the associated rates! 

    You can also tell us about your budget and we will think together about what we can organize for you:

    Give us a call




  • Can we have an idea of the team buildings you already organized?

    Yes absolutely, you can check it out on our Instagram 😉

    If you want to get a little idea of what it would be like to record a famous song, among colleagues, check out Scoop's company team building! They recorded "J'irai où tu iras" (Celine Dion) as a holiday greeting to send to their customers at the end of the year:


    You can also check out the ISCOM team building with their cover of "Je te donne" from Jean-Jacques Goldman!



    Voir les coulisses d'Alain & Co au studio


Experiences and gifts

  • Who can you offer a studio experience to?

    To absolutely ANYONE! Our recording studios are open to all ages and singing "levels", as long as they love music! 😉

    You don't have to be a music pro to enjoy a memorable experience in a professional recording studio: music is for everyone!

  • How can I offer a studio experience to a loved one?

    You can either call us directly to explain what you are looking for, and on our side we'll explain all our formulas:

    Give us a call

    Or you can do it directly online! You will find different ideas of activities on these two pages, from which you can book directly: 



    Once you've made your purchase online, or when you're ready to book a time slot to enjoy your experience, just call us at and we'll make the reservation together, according to the studio's availabilities and yours!

  • What activities can be arranged in your studios?

    There are lots of different options!

    You can plan your child's birthday party and have him/her record his/her favorite song with his/her friends, come by yourself with your family or friends to change the lyrics of a song you like and then record it, or even create a song from scratch!

    All activities can be done alone or with others, for a special event (birthday, bachelorette...) or just for fun, it's up to you 😉



  • Can we see a glimpse of what has already been organized at the studio?

    Yes of course, you can have a look at our Instagram!

    Here, you can check out some behind-the-scenes footage of the birthday party Ava's mom threw for her at the studio with her friends. Be warned, it's very cute:

    A child's birthday party in our studio

    Here you can see the pictures of the half-day event that Magali organized in our studios for her children and their friends:

    Check out the family experience

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