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micro studio enregistrement




4 hours
1 hour
Our biggest studio

Studio A



1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM A recording booth with a view on
the sound engineer in the control room

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM A high-performance microphone, the Brauner VM1 (one of the best microphones on the market: it captures voices with unparalleled precision)

Studio d'enregistrement, mixage, prod

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM A friendly and experienced sound engineer, here to help and advise you

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM A sofa in the studio to sit comfortably and drink as much coffee, tea, juice as you want (to each his own 😉)



Studio B



1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM A recording booth independant from the control room, to stay in your own bubble

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM A great microphone: the Neumann U87 (excellent microphone that guarantees an unbeatable sound result)

Studio de musique Paris

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM Same as in Studio A: a friendly and experienced sound engineer at your disposal

1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM A relaxing area in front of the recording booth, from which you can enjoy as much coffee or tea as you like!



A recording session in our studios

We answer your questions! 

  • How does a recording session go?

    Once you arrive at our location (Paris 11ème), the sound engineer in charge of your session will welcome you. After introducing himself, he'll offer you a coffee, tea, some water... and you'll head to the studio!

    All you have to do is give him the instrumentals (in .mp3 or .wav format) of the tracks you want to sing and you're ready to go! From the control room, he'll advise and help you throughout the session. His goal is to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that the finished recording is as high quality as possible. You're in good hands 😉

  • Can I come even if I have never recorded in a studio?

    Of course, with pleasure 😊!

    Our studios are open to everyone, no matter your age or how you sing. Our sound engineers are actually trained to adapt to the person recording. They are there to make you feel comfortable, explain how to stand behind the mic, advise you throughout the recording process and help you get the best possible result at the end of the session. All this in a friendly and good atmosphere! Singing in a studio is above all a great experience that you should enjoy.

  • Can I record songs from afar?

    Unfortunately, no. You need to physically be in one of our recording studios to record! Guess you don't have any other choice than to come to the most beautiful city in the world, what a shame right? 

  • What software are the studios equipped with?

    Between Protools 12, Cubase Pro 12, Melodyne, the Waves Audio suite, UAD ultimate, and many other softwares, everything is implemented to facilitate the various stages of sound processing in our studios. Not to mention more than a hundred plug-ins (effects to put on instruments/voice) and a hundred vst instruments (virtual musical instruments)!

    We provide the best software to get the best result.

  • Is it possible to book a session on a Sunday or a holiday?

    The answer is yes! The rates are right here:

    👉 1h in studio B goes from 69€ to 81,5€
    👉 1h in studio A goes from 80€ to 92,5€
    👉 4h in studio B goes from 200€ to 250€
    👉 4h in studio A goes from 250€ to 300€

    And don't forget that if it's your first session in our studios, you get a 50€ discount on your first 4-hour session! And if you're under 27, this discount is applied to ALL your 4-hour sessions.

  • What does it mean to use a vocal coach and/or a videographer during your session?

    Being coached by a professional during your recording session means being helped by a vocal expert to warm up your voice, place it during the recording, work on your breathing, your intonations and your pronunciation, as well as imagining and recording harmonies. All this to make your song sound as good as possible and to give the best of yourself behind the mic!

    Using a videographer in our studios means that a cameraman will come and film you at the end of your recording session. He does several takes of you singing your song behind the mic, with 2 or 3 different angles. Then, a few days later, you receive the edited version of your video! You can keep it as a souvenir for life and even share it on your social media 😊

    If you're interested, check out Eva and Tess' video to get a feel of the final video: