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Located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Hedayat Music has two recording studios equipped with the best sound processing equipment and a digital recording system (Cubase Pro 12, ProTools). Once the team has welcomed you with tea, coffee, coke or juice, the studio is yours! You can take a virtual tour of our premises right here.

entry studio Hedayat Music


Studio A, the biggest of the two studios, is a real bubble. Enjoy a large work space, high performance equipment, a comfortable couch and the latest high-tech microphone: the "Brauner VM1". From the recording booth directly connected to the control room, you will be in direct visual contact with the sound engineer!


Studio A Hedayat Music
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Studio B has a separate vocal booth from the control room, which means you communicate with the sound engineer via the headphones and microphone, but you don't see each other. By choosing this smaller studio, you also get all the benefits of a professional recording booth, with highly effective acoustic treatment and terrific sound isolation, all to ensure a flawless recording. Just like that 😉


Studio B Hedayat Music

Studio A equipment

  • Computer

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) iMac Pro

  • Monitoring

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Focal SM9

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Dangerous Music dBox+

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Yamaha NS10

  • Microphones

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Brauner VM1

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Blue Blueberry

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Shure SM7B


  • Sound card

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Universal Audio Apollo x

  • DAW

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Pro Tools 

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Cubase 12



  • Headphones

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Sony MDR 7506

  • Keyboards

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol S61

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Kurzweil K2500x

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Kawai VPC1

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Roli Seaboard

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Touché SE

  • Plugins

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Suite Waves Audio

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) UAD Ultimate

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Fabfilters

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Slate Digital

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Baby Audio

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Neural DSP

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) SSL

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Melodyne

    Et beaucoup d'autres

  • Devices

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) 2 Compresseurs Universal Audio 1176

  • Preamp

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Manley Core

  • VST instruments

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Spitfire Audio 

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Serum 

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Nexus

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Sylenth

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Native Instrument Komplete

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Keyscape

    1-Jan-19-2023-10-36-03-1604-PM (1) Output Audio



Studio B equipment


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