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sound engineer mixing mastering

Sound Processing


    What's it for?  

    Arrière-plan Editing allows you to improve the pitch and touch up any vocal imperfections in a recording

    Arrière-plan This process is carried out by an experienced sound engineer, using Melodyne software, among other tools.




    What's it for?  

    Arrière-plan A mix consists in equalizing a song's different tracks (instruments, voices, effects) to reach a harmonious result

    Arrière-plan Mixing a song takes about 4 or 5 hours. It's a meticulous task carried out by a sound engineer with a sharp ear!


    To be able to mix a track, we need:  

    👉 the separate tracks of your song 

    👉 tracks of excellent quality (otherwise the result won't sound good...)



    What's it for?  

    Arrière-plan The mastering process creates excellent sound quality, whatever the listening device used (speakers, headphones, telephone, television, radio...)

    Arrière-plan It also allows you to make your songs compatible with the radio stations standards as well as those of the streaming platforms, so that they can be distributed there




We answer your questions! 

  • How does a mixing session go?

    After we validated your song's separate tracks's quality that you will have sent us, we will head to the studio for the mixing! You can attend the session by coming to the studio, follow it remotely from your home or not participate at all: it's your call 😉

    Each mix is done by one of our experienced sound engineers and is blocked on a 4 hours slot, with the possibility afterwards to ask for a free retouch (remotely and within a one hour limit).

  • Do I need to have all my tracks mixed and mastered?

    It depends on your project! 

    Mixing and mastering are two steps that are definitely necessary if you want to market your track(s), because without them, your tracks won't have the necessary quality to be played on radio or streaming platforms. 

    If on the other hand the tracks you recorded are for your personal use only, mixing is rarely advised, a simple pre-mix performed at the end of your recording session is enough!

  • What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

    To put it very simply: 

    Arrière-plan mixing is the individual processing of each track of the song to make the finished song harmonious and well balanced,

    Arrière-plan and mastering is the processing of a single file (corresponding to the result obtained after mixing) to obtain an impeccable sound quality and to meet the radio stations and streaming platforms's standards. 

    Both steps are essential AND complementary if you want to market your tracks. Quality first!

  • Is editing and Auto-Tune the same thing?

    No 😉 They both make a voice sound more " tuned ", but Auto-Tune is an automatic adjustment that doesn't allow as much precision on the voice's correction as editing.

    It is Auto-Tune that, unlike editing, makes the voice sound robotic when the effect is pushed. This is not at all the same with editing, even if you force it! So it depends on the result you are looking for.

  • Do I need to be on site for editing, mixing or mastering?

    Since the mixing is a "creative" step in your song's creation, because a sound engineer will inevitably bring his "touch" to the process (the same song can be mixed differently and therefore sound different), you can attend and participate in the session. On the spot or remotely (by video)! 

    For editing and mastering, no need to be there. These steps do not require anyone else than the sound engineer in charge of your track, because he does not bring his artistic vision to the track in question.