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Let's plan your team building!



Choose the experience you like best:


    Arrière-plan With our composer, create your song's instrumental and melody from scratch, thanks to rhythm boxes and the best Computer Assisted Music (CAM) software!

    Arrière-plan Then write your song's lyrics on the topic of your choice, with the help of an experienced lyricist. You're in good hands 😊

    Arrière-plan Join a fun singing class to learn how to better control your breathing and discover key vocal techniques. The idea is simply to warm up your voice before getting behind the microphone.

    Arrière-plan At the end, experience the unusual process of recording in a studio! Record as a group, then one by one in the booth.


    Arrière-plan Rewrite the lyrics of an existing song to adapt the song just for your company! Your team will be assisted by an experienced lyricist who will help you translate your ideas into rhymes.

    Arrière-plan Then experience the unusual process of recording in a professional studio! Record yourself one by one, then as a group to enjoy a good time all together.


    Arrière-plan Have your teams live an incredible experience by immersing them in the world of famous artists.

    Arrière-plan Record yourselves one by one, on top of doing it as a group, all to bring the team together and have fun!



    Each team building includes drinks and pastries (or petits fours, depending on the time of your team building)! But you can decide to add champagne, delicacies or even a lunch or a full aperitif depending on your preferences. 

    Arrière-plan GET COACHED

    You've never set foot in a studio or sung in public? Benefit from the presence of one of our vocal coaches to comfort and help your team members. Our goal? That everyone feels relaxed and has a great time!

    Arrière-plan LEAVE WITH A SOUVENIR

    We also have the option of filming and photographing your entire team building event so that later you can watch and re-watch footage of this memorable day in the studio! We promise you a film that will perfectly reflect your unique experience.

"Nous avons passé un bon moment entre collègue, nous avons inventé notre propre chanson.C’était un moment détente ou nous avons tous lâcher prise.Une activité riche en rigolade et bonne humeur."


Adonys Security

"J'ai emmené mon équipe communication pour un Team bulding et nous en sommes ressortis enchantés ! Accueil, accompagnement, patience et résultat ! Un cover que nous n'oublierons pas. Du coup, le rdv est pris pour vivre cette même expérience avec ma tribu (mes enfants et leurs moitiés) Nous aurons notre moment de rire et surtout un cover qui nous rassemble et nous ressemble ! Merci l'équipe Hedayat ! Vous êtes formidables. Magali"



"Un grand merci à vous et à toute l’équipe pour le super accueil et la formidable animation de ce team building qui est le meilleur auquel j’ai pu participé !"



"J'ai eu la chance de participer à une session d'enregistrement lors d'un Team Building, et quelle idée géniale! Je me suis très vite sentie à l'aise, et bien accompagnée, ce qui est top quand on est débutant. Le studio est très beau et cozy, ce qui pousse facilement à la chansonnette, même si ce n'est pas votre truc de base. J'ai adoré, foncez!"



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We answer your questions!

  • What activities can we do for a team building in your studios?

    We propose different options:

    Arrière-plan  The simplest one is to record a song that already exists: Celine Dion, Sia, Michael Jackson... it's up to you! Practice as a group, then record the chorus all together and finally go one by one behind the microphone.

    Arrière-plan  You can also come and rewrite the lyrics of a well-known song, with a lyricist, to make it your own. And then, of course, record it, as a group and one by one!

    Arrière-plan The most advanced option is to create a song from A to Z, from the instrumental to the recording of the vocals including inventing the melody and the lyrics... with a fun singing lesson to top it off 😉

    And to these different packages you can add several options! You can be filmed, call upon a voice coach or even enjoy glasses of champagne and delicacies (depending on your wishes).

  • How long does a team building in your studios last?

    It all depends on the package the organizer chooses! It doesn't take the same time to record a simple cover as to create a song from scratch 😉

    It can also depend on the number of people participating, so the best way to find out is to contact us directly:

    Give us a call

  • How much does a team building in your studios cost?

    It depends on the team building you want to organize 😊

    The simplest way is to contact us to explain your team's expectations and needs, so that we can then enlighten you on the different possibilities and the associated rates! 

    You can also tell us about your budget and we will think together about what we can organize for you:

    Nous appeler


    Nous écrire

  • Can we have an idea of the team buildings you already organized?

    Yes absolutely, you can check it out on our Instagram 😉

    If you want to get a little idea of what it would be like to record a famous song, among colleagues, check out Scoop's company team building! They recorded "J'irai où tu iras" (Celine Dion) as a holiday greeting to send to their customers at the end of the year:


    You can also check out the ISCOM team building with their cover of "Je te donne" from Jean-Jacques Goldman!