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Enrolled at 5 years old at the conservatory, Arthur started playing the harpsichord only two years later. This was followed by years of piano and organ, confirming his love for the keyboard.

After a diploma in harpsichord and solfeggio at the Houilles conservatory in 2009, Arthur received his diploma in 2015 in sound engineering and sound design at the RNCP (Répertoire National et Certifications Professionnelles).

His favorite music genres are Rock, Funk and Blues, but he’s also very comfortable with urban music (Hip-Hop, Trap, etc.). He’s been part of several music groups, in addition to having been a musician and sound engineer for the group Stone Plastique, which cumulates tens of thousands of views on YouTube.  

« What I like about Hedayat Music is the follow-up we give the artists. I sincerely like taking the time to develop their projects, very far from the idea of a "factory" some recording studios can be. Not to mention the setting and the equipment, which are also top-notch!  »

At Hedayat Music, Arthur is in charge of voice recordings and mixing sessions, in addition to advising and helping the artists throughout these performances.

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ingénieur du son

Après sa scolarité, Mehdi s'attaque à une école d'ingénieurs, pour ensuite devenir professeur de Physique-Chimie. Il reprend ensuite ses études dans le son chez Abbey Road Institute pour se consacrer à sa passion première, la musique. Guitariste, claviériste et batteur depuis plus de 10 ans, son enfance est bercée par la musique française et orientale. Ses influences variées, alliées à son attrait pour la musique urbaine, font de lui un musicien et ingénieur du son complet et efficace. 

« J'aime être au service de la musique et embellir les chansons tout en conservant leur authenticité. Il est crucial de respecter l'intention première de l'artiste. »

Mehdi apprécie tout particulièrement la diversité des profils faisant appel à Hedayat Music, et, en collaborant avec eux, s'imprégner de leurs différents univers. 

Producteur de l'artiste Mr. Grincheux depuis 4 ans, Mehdi sait accompagner les artistes et les conseiller avec bienveillance. Il a aussi travaillé sur les projets de nombreux artistes, affirmant ainsi son goût prononcé pour aider les artistes à concrétiser leurs projets. 

« J'aime vraiment constater et participer à l'évolution d'un morceau, de la maquette à la fin.
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Always looking for new tracks to listen to, curiosity is Casper's key word and daily motivation. It’s what pushed him to discover the backstages of crating a track and to start CAM as a self-taught artist. Later, he naturally became interested in the sound engineer profession.  
« I always loved listening to music, but very quickly it’s the technical part of creating tracks that intrigued me ». 

After graduating from EMC in " current music sound engineer" in July 2018, Casper gave his all to projects. Meticulous, he is aware of the responsibility he takes on as a sound engineer, specifically on the finished product’s quality. Casper believes that the environment and team at Hedayat Music allow artists to give their all and work efficiently.  

« It's very important to me that the artist is comfortable, and it's my responsibility to make sure the session runs smoothly. » 

Casper has already worked with many artists, including french rapper Black M, confirming his passion for helping artists create their music, of the highest quality possible.

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Hugo is an applied and passionate sound engineer, but that's not all! He plays the piano, the ukulele, a little bit of guitar, and he is also an independent artist who creates, writes, sings, produces and mixes his own tracks under his stage name "Aychess". It’s actually that double hat artist/sound engineer that makes him a very attentive sound engineer, eager to attend to the needs and expectations of the artists with whom he works.
« In the studio, I like to create a good connection with the artist. It's so important to understand each other when working together on a track! It's also really rewarding when the artist wants to continue collaborating with me on his next project. ». 

Hugo started as a sound engineer by working on his own music, learning to mix it himself, then decided to go to a school, ESEFA, to specialize in recording and mixing in order to work with other artists. And he’s doing very well since he has already had the opportunity to collaborate with Slimkaa, Toma, the Korean K-pop artist Jey, Meryl, AP of 113, the 2022 The Voice winner Nour, Doria Tillier...

Who would you want to work with ideally ?

« In France it would be Lomepal, Eddy de Pretto, and if not on the international scene I would be the happiest engineer in the world if I collaborated with Billie Eilish or The Weeknd!
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Clément started his musical career with the solfege training he followed for 7 years from the age of 11, followed by 6 years of alto saxophone lessons, and a few years in the orchestra of his town in the Puys de Dôme, which he considers very formative.

After discovering several music software and starting to produce on the family computer, he quickly understood that his real interest was in sound processing, and decided to go to Paris to study at the ISTS (Institut Supérieur des Techniques du Son). After graduating, and after a few internships and freelance work with different artists, he started working at Hedayat Music as a sound engineer.

« I love working with artists because it's different with each project: each session is new and brings its own set of challenges and problems to solve! »

Each new project is different for Clement, and challenges him in a new way. The uniqueness of each project also allows him to discover types of music that he wouldn't necessarily listen to on his own, and stimulates his musical curiosity. This is very valuable for a sound engineer!

Known artists with whom he has already been able to collaborate? He participated in sessions with Rilès, Koba la D or Kaaris, when he was still an assistant. Since then, he works daily with artists with great potential... Time will show!

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While studying at Abbey Road Institute Paris, Jean began his career as a sound engineer by working in a small recording studio in Montreuil. At Abbey Road Institute, he completed a two-year course in music production and sound engineering, and ultimately graduated and joined the Twin Studios team. 

« I particularly like the fact that I work in the shadows, that the value and influence of my work on the production of the piece is unsuspected by most. » 

As a big music enthusiast and anxious to get the best possible result, he considers that his role is not limited to the technical aspect, but also often includes guiding the artists with whom he's in studio. Jean takes great pleasure in helping them reach their full potential and get great results!

Among the French-speaking artists with whom he has worked, there are great names like Ninho, Soolking, Alonzo, Naps, 47Ter, Singuila, Timal, Brvmsoo, Eva Queen, Fababy, Imen Es, Laylow, Gaulois, Dertay and Lyna Mahyem. But that's not all! He has also collaborated with English speaking artists such as Headie One, Digga D, Asap Rocky, Kanye West, Akon, Destin Conrad, Note Marcato, Wale and Sean Leon. And he's ready to work with you on your next session at Hedayat Music!