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upload my music on streaming platforms


your music 

We help you upload it for the whole world to hear!



On streaming platforms

We can help you:

Arrière-plan Publish your tracks on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music,... choose the platforms you want to appear on! Thanks to our partnership with iMusician, you'll get a 10% discount on the first pack you buy to publish your music

Arrière-plan Set up your Spotify For Artists and Deezer For Creators accounts

Arrière-plan Promote your tracks on streaming platforms by adding them to playlists 

On the radio and/or TV

Thanks to our partnership with Music Media Consulting, we can, after project validation: 

Arrière-plan Put you in direct contact with the number one radio and TV promoters in France

Arrière-plan Help you avoid calls and emails that lead to nothing: if your music has been validated beforehand, it goes directly into the hands of the people in charge who have the best ratings in France


We need to know
more about your project


Arrière-plan At least 2 of your titles
Arrière-plan Links to your social media

It's so that we can make a little inventory of your musical identity and your online presence before putting you in touch with the relevant expert! 



Let's answer you questions!

  • Can I put my tracks on streaming platforms myself?

    To publish your tracks on Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer or Spotify, you have to go through a distributor, you can't do it yourself via the streaming platform. No way to do it differently, that's how it works!

  • Who are the experts that Hedayat Music works with?

    All the professionals we work with are qualified experts who we trust 100%, and with whom it is nice to work. 

    You can find our team members' presentation right here:


  • Why should I go through Hedayat Music to distribute my tracks on streaming platforms?

    The answer is simple: we have a partnership with the independent digital distributor iMusician, which allows you to get a 10% discount on the first pack you buy to publish your music.

    Thanks to them, you can release your songs on more than a hundred streaming platforms! To benefit from it, you just have to use the code IMD-HEDAYAT by registering on the platform:

    Register with Imusician

  • What does it take to get on the radio?

    For your music to play on the radio, you must:

    Arrière-plan  Have at least one finished song, recorded in a professional studio, mixed, mastered, with a voice that sounds perfectly in tune. Choose your project's  main track, the one that will appeal to the greatest number of people, so that it will most likely become successful.

    Arrière-plan Respect the radio format (avoid obscene language, limit the duration)

    Arrière-plan Prepare your press kit: when you send your music by e-mail, you have to introduce yourself, talk about your song, attach professional photos of yourself...

    Once all these criteria are met, we'll send your project to Music Media Consulting who will validate it or not, depending on the market demand at that time. Indeed, it also depends on what the radios are looking for in terms of new material!